Sunday, 28 November 2010

Day 5 - CRD - still going strong!

5 days in, and I'm now on day 1 off the Dex, and still seem to be doing fairly well....fingers crossed!

I woke up yesterday and freaked ever so slightly when I looked at my legs to see some big raised bruises. I think that it can be the start of thrombosis so it worried me a bit for the day, but the bruises certainly haven't got any bigger and if anything are a bit more I think it's a bit more of wait and watch!

We had my nieces 21st birthday in the Midlands during the day which was lovely as lots of the family were there and it was nice to do normal stuff. I think I was a bit not myself (so Nick says!) and quite quiet, but I think that was as much to do with the fact I was a bit worried from the bruising. But I got more into it as the day went on and all in all it was lovely and great to see her looking so happy and grown up! I tried a glass of champagne to toast her, but sadly it just tasted like salt water so I gave up on that pretty fast.....everything seems to taste of that at the moment so I'm hoping that perhaps I'll lose weight on chemo rather than putting it on!!!

It's been a fairly chilled day today given we knew it was my first day off dex. It's fairly common to have a come down after you come off it, and it can apparently make you quite depressed and miserable, but this, like the 'up' feelings when you go on it, seem to have passed me by. Fingers crossed I haven't spoken too soon on this! But we've spent the day just pottering, taking the kids to and from parties, and having friends drop in for the afternoon.....all very nice.

So now, it's a bit of x-factor, a cuppa and then off to bed I think!

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  1. Well I thought with thrombosis you got a sore point and possibly swelling but hadn't heard about the bruising but equally as a non-medical person that's my typist's opinion! :D


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