Saturday, 29 May 2010

Bored and a bit down

Firstly, I need to correct my previous entry. Talked about the person having had an auto....I meant an allo. Auto is when you have your own stem cells put back in after chemo, allo is when you use a siblings cells (or a donor I think). I still get mixed up between the two and hopefully it will be a long time before it is something so integral to me it rolls of the tongue!

Feeling a bit low today. But I suppose that's not bad as it's been some time since I did. I've been having some pains across my sort of collar bone region. They sort of come over me in waves and then go away and I feel fine again. God knows what is causing it. Hopefully it's all the walking I'm doing for my 3 Peaks, but who knows. It seems an odd place to get strains, unless I'm now walking with a very odd posture...could be that I suppose.

The silly part of me then gets scared that it's more ominous than that. Must remember to ask the consultant whether my protein could stay the same, but symptoms start developing none the less....i.e if my body gives up coping with the high levels of protein that are there.

I'm also feeling shattered at the moment. But that probably IS to do with the walking, having two kids under 6, and staying up too late. Can't blame SMM for everything hey (much as I'd like to! Esp the increased appetite!) Actually one thing I do think might have affected my energy levels, is the amount of rubbish I'm eating. I'd sort of given up on the dairy free diet, but I think I'm going to go back onto it. In fact the more I write this, the more I wonder if that is what has contributed to the ABSOLUTELY FOUL mood that I'm in at the moment. So, dairy free again from tomorrow and I'll update you on whether it works!

Anyway, will make myself perk up! Off to see 2 new babies in the family tomorrow, and then to one of my sisters on Monday for a couple of days. Hopefully being away will help and I can chill out a little.

Training is still going well....did a total of 36 miles in 8 days, and then on Friday did another 6 miles. My knee is giving me a little bit of gip but I'm hoping that it will calm down given I'll have over a week off between my last walk and my next one. Luckily it doesn't hurt while I'm walking, but instead the day after!! Don't care if it kills so long as I do the 26 miles required for the 3 peaks!!!

Now, I've had another music album recommended to me which I'm quite liking; Thea Gillmore. I particularly like 'Drunken Angel' although am not as keen on all the others....think I'd have to pick and choose!

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  1. Hi Debs

    I was wondering if you were using Trekking Poles when you're out on your walks? That might be the cause of your collar bone pains. Exercising muscles you wouldn't normally use. Wouldn't worry too much about it though, I used to worry about a bit of discomfort in my lower back but it has gone now and it rarely bothers me anymore.
    Let's hope yours goes the same way.

    Cameron x


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