Thursday, 10 February 2011

Cycle 3, Day 23

Ok well I promised a more upbeat entry this time.....and I might just fail!!! Although I will try to cheer it up as I go along.

It's been a tough week or so since I last wrote. For me anyway. I know that in comparison to what lots of other Myeloma patients go through, what I have to deal with isn't major, but I only know what I know. And I've found it hard the last week.

I've suffered from the most awful taste in my mouth for about the last 10 has only just gone since I stopped the Revlimid on Tuesday. I've had a horrid taste on and off over the 3 cycles but this was something else. It sort of tasted like when you get dandelion juice from the stems on your fingers and then touch your mouth. Sort of bitter and horrid. It has just really got me down as it has made me eat even more than before trying to get rid of the taste, and of course that has had the worst effect of making me feel pretty low about the weight I've put on. Along with that, I've been remarkably exhausted and not really had the energy to do anything except get the kids to school and do my paid work. By the evenings, I've been banjaxed!

But, on the positive side, I have come out of my low and decided yesterday that I needed to stop moping around about it and start doing something. It was helped by the fact that I stopped feeling so tired and awful, but I got the Wii Fit out of the box that had stayed unopen since I got it for Christmas and set that up. I was also going to go walking today for one of the first times since my 3 Peaks, but unfortunately I heard the rain start at 5am this morning and it didn't stop all day! And it's not the best way to start motivating yourself....but I promise I'll do it next week if the weather gets a little less depressing. But today I started doing the step on the Wii, a bit of running and some hula hooping (I swear that no-one else will ever see that hip movement or I'll be the laughing stock of West Wycombe!).

And on top of that, I finally made bread for the first time, thanks to my sister's encouragement. So homemade bread it is from now on....the breadmaker is going to the charity shop now!

I was going to post about our nightmare with John Lewis and our dishwasher, but that is pretty boring (not that the rest hasn't been) and so I'll leave it. I'm not quite so cross with them now that they're refunding 1/3 of the cost of it and we're hoping they'll donate it to Myeloma UK - so perhaps blogging about the experience wouldn't be too fair.

Right, off to bed now with some sleeping tablets. Will leave Nick watching My Gypsy Wedding and go to bed now :-)

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My family's snow fun!

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