Thursday, 15 July 2010

A Little Piece of Good News

Well, I don't know whether I should be too optimistic about this piece of news, but I am for now anyway!

Further to the news that my consultant might want to start chemo over the summer, we decided now was the time to use our BUPA and get a second opinion, none other than the influencial Professor Gareth Morgan. After a few issues getting the appointment, I managed to arrange one for next Tuesday.....whoa, scary or what!!! Prof Morgan is one of the best in the field, if not THE best so I'm slightly nervous of him telling me I'm getting him involved too early, being ridiculous or something else on a similar line!!!!

Anyway, I digress. My consultant is away until Monday so I've had to get my GP to do the referral letter which is fine apart from the fact that they only have summaries of my blood tests etc. So I emailed my nurse at the hospital to ask for the full results, and whilst she hasn't done that yet, she did send me the results of my haemoglobin from the 5th July (the day that I got my last less good results).....and my haemoglobin is up to 10.5!!!!!! Whooopeee!!!!

My understanding is that it is when it drops under 10 that they think that chemo is neccessary. So at 10.5, I'm hoping that I might get a respite! I have to give blood again on Wednesday (and possibly on Tuesday for Prof Morgan) so we'll see where it goes. No wonder I've got a low hb, with the amount of blood they keep taking! Lol!!!

I know that this might only be a short respite, and that it is still dropping overall. But it might give me another 6 months without chemo which would just be fantastic....I could see my boy start school and get him settled, both kiddies would be 6 months older, have 6 months more of 'nice' memories, and we would have 6 months more to really get to grips with what we're going to do as and when things change. And who knows, perhaps it will get better overall.

So smiling faces in this house at the moment....till Tuesday at least!

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My family's snow fun!

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